Nana, nana – Erin’s best friend

Firstly, welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. This post is all about Erin and how much she LOVES her dummy (NANA).

Nana you ask? Erin’s previous nanny (more about nannies and how important they are in my life later) used to call Erin nana, then Erin started calling her dummy nana and it stuck.

When Erin was one day old my mother in law gave her a BLUE AVENT dummy. Well let’s just say, two years later and she still LOVES her avent dummy (obviously we’ve been through quite a few) so much, that my mom dubbed it her “best friend”.


Before I had a child of my own, it pains me to say, I used to judge those people whose children were old enough to talk yet they still walked around with a dummy. Soon after I had Erin I realized that some children NEED dummies and some simply don’t. The first evening when I started breastfeeding Erin she would feed for almost an hour, this was not because she was hungry, but merely because she needed to suckle on something. The next day she was introduced to her NANA. Thereafter she would feed for 10 minutes, I would give her NANA and she would sleep peacefully.

We saw an occupational therapist (just to track Erin’s progress etc.) about a year ago and the OT told me that I need to get rid of the dummy as soon as possible, as it might cause her speech to be delayed. Needless to say, I was on a MISSION to get rid of this thing.  But how could I throw away something that was so dear to my child? Something that helped my child to sleep through at 12 weeks, something that calmed her down everyday when I went to work, something that soothed her when she hurt herself.

Is it inconvenient? HELL YES! No matter how many we have in the house, they always go missing, if it’s not Harvey chewing it, it’s under the couch, if it’s not in the car, it’s in the nappy bag. Last Thursday they were ALL gone and Erin needed it badly as she’d hurt herself (fell out of the stationary car). I phoned Damien and asked him to buy one on the way home. He came home with a NUK dummy (cringe). Only a mom with a dummy addict will understand that only ONE brand will do – the one your child is “addicted” to.

Nevertheless, I have decided to make peace with NANA, as this is Erin’s comfort zone, just as tea, early mornings (and many other things) are mine. No adults (or I don’t know any) walk around with dummies and she will eventually donate her nana to those less fortunate. But until then – enjoy your NANA my angel girl!!

Love from your dummy mommy 🙂



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