Places we love – Munch cafe on Main

Before Erin was born my husband and I used to be those real DINKY (dual income no kids yet) people. We would eat out with our other DINKY friends often.  Our friendship group sort of shifted, we don’t do dinners as often, but rather go out on Saturday mornings with our “new” friends – the ones that have children too. I just love it when I arrange breakfast with these “mom friends” for 8am and they say – “perfect”. All parents know most kids don’t sleep past 6/7am anyway, so 8am is GREAT.

Anyway, since Erin has started walking (at the age of 1) I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect kids venue/ place to eat and PLAY. So I’ll be doing a series of “Places we love” where I’ll feature my favourite kid friendly restaurants.


Munch café is this weeks feature, it’s located on the corner of Main rd and Halifax in Bryanston.

I really like this venue as it has a gimmie (jungle gym).  The food is divine, but slightly over priced. The animals at the Retilians pet shop are really cool (if you don’t like caged animals or snakes, this WON’T be your vibe). You can shop for the garden at the garden shop. Fresh smell of manure in the air 🙂 Perfect summer time venue, I wouldn’t suggest going for breakfast too early in winter as it’s REALLY cold outside.

When I went this weekend, I sat under a tree and a bird poo’d on my head (thanks Toni for cleaning the poo out of my hair), they say that’s good luck, I now have bronchitis, so who knows…..

Leave a comment below and let me know of your experience at Munch.



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