What a newborn baby (and mom) needs

When Erin was born, two years ago, I was completely overwhelmed by everything and the first few weeks were not easy for me emotionally – although Erin was a VERY easy baby. These were the things I could not cope without:

  • Pampers premium nappies – only size 1 was available then, but with my next child I’ll definitely buy size 0. These nappies just don’t leak, love them!
  • Pigeon breast pads – I had enough milk for triplets (another post about this later), couldn’t go anywhere without breastpads, even slept with them.
  • Humidifier – As Erin was a winter baby the air was so dry, we had our humidifier on permanently.
  • Mild laxative – what people DON’T tell you is after a c section constipation can start to become a problem (for a week or so) and your tummy is too sore to go to the loo, so this helps. (slight over share, but if it helps just one person it’s worth it)
  • Sterimar for babies – for dry wintery baby nostrils that tend to be blocked.
  • Bepanthen – as newborns have number 2 nappies often a good bum cream is VITAL. Bepanthen is super expensive but so worth it and doubles up as a great nipple cream.
  • Jungle juice – Made with rescue remedy drops, apple juice and rehydrate sachet works really well to give you energy after a long day of breastfeeding and changing nappies.
  • Receiving blankets – we had about 30 of these and swaddled Erin for every sleep time until she was 4 months old. I still believe this is why she slept so well 🙂
  • Disposable panties – just much better to dispose of these instead of wash them.
  • Maternity pads – every new mom (Caesar or natural) needs these.
  • Feeding bra – if you breastfeeding you need at least three of these, bear in mind that your bra size might (probably will) change when your milk comes in. Mine went from 34 B/C to 36 DD……
  • Johnsons top to toe wash – I just loved this and still use it on Erin (2 years later), it’s so mild and can be used on body and hair.
  • Angelcare apnea monitor – gave me peace of mind and ensured that Erin slept in her cot from 5 days of age.
  • Sleep positioner – helps them stay in position you want them in, Erin was a “pukky” baby so I would place her on her side.



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