Chocolate Coffee expo

My mum and I attended the chocolate and coffee expo on Saturday at Monte Casino.

Things we LOVED:

  • Ken Forrester wine and chocolate pairing (great way to kick off the expo)
  • LOADS of chocolate to taste (and olives, pestos etc. – which was slightly random, yet divine, at a chocolate expo)
  • Divine coffee (not much to taste, but loads to buy)
  • The drinks we had afterwards at Monte’s square
  • Spring weather!!!! (I smell spring in the air, no more need to dress like an ESKIMO)

Things we didn’t love:

  • CROWDS – way too many people were stuffed into the tents and loads of kids
  • Very limited innovative products, expected slightly more chocolatiers and baristas

Overall it was a GREAT afternoon out with my mum and I also got to see my uncle at drinks afterwards which was FAB.

Erin, Damien, Matthew (my bro) and my dad went to WODAC (world of dogs and cats) and they absolutely LOVED it! Erin especially loved the snakes.








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