Online shopping

I am a devoted online shopping fan, being a full time working mum, wife and charity worker, online shopping really saves so much time! It’s just so easy, open the website you would like to shop from, click and pay with your credit card. Most places charge a delivery fee, but when you’re a regular you sometimes receive free delivery, or if you purchase over a certain price.

Most of my online shopping experiences have been great, but some have been TERRIBLE. I ordered a gift for my sister in law’s kitchen tea, from Boardmans, as I was in hospital and could not attend. It was to be delivered to Port Shepstone.  This was in May 2014, nevertheless, this has STILL not been delivered but has been charged to my Edgars account??? What could have possibly happened to this gift? Is this possibly a message to consumers that if you order in major centres, such as Jozi you’ll get good service but a “small town” like Port Shepstone gets neglected? I phoned Boardmans in June to cancel and they said they can’t cancel the order, as it has already been dispatched. Well we’re in July and still no sign of my gift. I don’t know what to do anymore, as it does not help to phone them to complain? Anyone had a similar experience and can give me advice? Not sure if Hello Peter works, never used it before.

My GREAT online experiences have been at:

  • Woolworths (if over a certain amount or a certain area delivery is free)
  • Pick n Pay (if you purchase often, free delivery)
  • Character Planet – bought Erin the most beautiful Minnie Mouse bedding
  • Takealot – ALWAYS get great service from them, delivery is done by Mr Delivery normally in a tuktuk
  • Then, my favourite – happy feed – paid at 2pm, and it was delivered before 4pm

Happy shopping everyone!


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