I run my own business – Catherine Scott from Catherine Scott photography

I met Cath last year at the Grace Factory social, she took all photos of the event (see below). Since then I have been following what Cath does and absolutely LOVE her photos, she’s so talented and just captures the moment! Below is all about Cath and her business, with some advice for those who want to start their own business.




  1. Name: Catherine Scott
  2. Business name and website: Catherine Scott Photography – http://cscottphoto.co.za/blog/ and https://www.facebook.com/CatherineScottPhoto?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark
  3. Brief description of business: I am a pioneer in using only Free and Open Source Software for all of my photographic needs. I believe that photography is about fun, and magic, and organically developing moments.  I have two very energetic little boys, and their journey is what re-ignited my love of photography.
  4. Since when have you run your own business: I started this business in 2009 when my youngest son was a baby. It was then known as “Cazpix Photography” , and when we moved to Johannesburg in 2012, I changed it to using my own name.
  5. Why is it better than working for a boss: I get to spend time at home with my boys, and work if able to!
  6. Thing you enjoy most each day: I love sitting watching my edits (I edit each image), while listening to music and seeing how happy little people are, and the love in families. The great thing about photography is one is able to SEE love, and joy, and that makes daily “work” great!
  7. Thing you enjoy least each day: Being torn between finishing edits and stopping the work for the day. Sometimes I work all day, other times, I have to stop, and rest, and play with my own kids. The division of time is not ideal. As working from home, one never really leaves the “office”.
  8. Advice for people starting their own business: Do things. Try. Experiment. Offer services for free or minimal charge until you are comfortable in what you are doing. Work hard. It will pay off! But don’t forget to actually step away from work!
  9. Top three things you have learnt from having your own business

a. To trust yourself – knowing your capabilities and limits

b. Keep trying and don’t give up

c. Remember fun. The passion for what you are doing is WHY you do it. Don’t lose that.


The beautiful Catherine Scott


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