I run my own business – Sabrina Kennedy from Bibi Rouge

I met Sabrina when she offered to be a collection point for The Grace Factory. She is a fashion designer and makes stunning clothes! I bought one of her shirts and everytime I wear it people compliment and I feel so fashionable, read below about her business.

  1. Name : Sabrina Kennedy
  2. Business name and website: BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy- www.sabrinakennedy.co.za
  3. Brief description of business: A clothing line that focuses on fashionable, affordable clothing for women and children (Kids line launching soon)
  4. Since when have you run your own business: August 2011
  5. Why is it better than working for a boss: I get to choose my own time table, work when I feel I have time, spend more time with my family, focus on myself more. It just gives me the freedom that I didn’t have when I worked for a boss
  6. Thing you enjoy most each day: Being able to start work later than 8 and sill finish by 4
  7. Thing you enjoy least each day: Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to do all the thinking. It would be nice to have work allocated to me, but when you run your own business, you allocate the work and do most of it! Sometimes it would be a nice break to arrive at work and have my work for the week set out for me to just complete. That being said, I still would rather feel that way sometimes but still be my own boss
  8. Advice for people starting their own business: Start small. Don’t invest a lot of money into a new business. Rather start smaller, for instance I manufactured 2 dresses to start with. When those sold, I made 4. When those sold I made 6. That was, if it didn’t work, I hadn’t lost a lot of money, and I didn’t need a large investment to start. If you get that right, you never need to take a loan or get financial help starting your business.
  9. Top three things you have learnt from having your own business: Your salary is directly proportional to your input, which makes you work harder and appreciate the work you do. To give yourself some time off, if I feel like a holiday, I take it. The world still revolves! And to appreciate where every small and large business has come from, it made me understand how each one came from nothing and took a lot of blood sweat and tears to create.


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