My angel is a big girl

On Tuesday we had Erin’s orientation day at her new school – Montessori. I can hardly believe that my little girl, born at 2.88kgs is so big that she is off to school. That my chubby monkey, who people used to call “Mafuta”, has lost all her baby fat, no more “bangles” around her wrists and doesn’t walk but RUNS all day.

Damien and I arrived early for orientation and while watching her play on the gimmies and swing I was overwhelmed by how much this beautiful soul has taught me in her mere 2 years on earth. She has taught me to live in the moment, to laugh so much my tummy hearts and what unconditional love is all about. (and MUCH MUCH more).

She didn’t play much with the other children, but I believe that in time she will have lasting, true friendships and that she will excel at this wonderful school. I am so grateful that her best friend – Eryn “monkey” will be joining her on their first day on 9 September 2014.

My angel, may you enjoy every day to the full, may you share many hours of laughter at school, may you be a blessing to your teachers, may you embrace every new experience and seek to learn as much as possible, may you be healthy and may you always keep that fearless attitude.







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