I run my own business – Celia Els from Little Lumps

I met Celia Els from Little Lumps for the first time when she kindly donated a prize for our Grace Factory social. She makes the most stunning baby clothes, here’s her advice on running her own business.

  1. Name: Celia Els
  2. Company name: Little Lumps http://www.littlelumps.co.za
  3. What does your company do: We manufacture baby clothing and accessories from prem up to 6-12 mths
  4. Since when have you been running your own business: I have always been in manufacturing and after being retrenched I started Little Lumps. This business has been going for 5 years
  5. Why is it better than working for a boss: Just is – suppose I can’t be fired!
  6. Thing you enjoy most each day : Being in charge of creative process
  7. Thing you enjoy least each day: Loneliness and stress if there are no orders
  8. Advice for people starting their own business: Have some knowledge of your market and product or service you are selling
  9. Top three things you have learnt from having your own business:

a) You are totally responsible for everything

b) It takes time to develop anything – be it a brand image, new product or financial stability

c) Owning your own business is like being on a roller coaster – some days you feel on top of the world and are convinced that this business is a success. Other days you reach the depths of despair and wonder what on earth possessed you to start in the first place!



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