The three men I admire the most

On Saturday, 16 Aug 2014, Damien, my dad and Matthew set off on the grueling 230km race – Trans Baviaans at 10am. My mum, Erin and I were being “Joburg jollers” shopping, eating out etc. I wasn’t on edge, as I knew they had this (after months of training and prep) and wasn’t worried about either of them as I had faith that God would take care of them and keep them safe.



But at 17:30 my mum’s phone rang (it was my dad calling) and I knew in my heart that this wasn’t good news. My dad had fallen 120km into the race on a very fast decent (at least 40km an hour) and had broken his collar bone. My heart sank to my shoes – questions like “how will he get to a hospital”, “how will the others continue without their strongest member”, “he’s so thin and now a broken bone?” all wrong through my mind.

I won’t go into all the details, but THREE hospitals later, a steal plate operation, LOADS of pain meds and finding out that his 3rd rib and scapula are also fractured, he is now home safely in his bed starting a LONG process of recovery. I just give thanks everyday that he was divinely protected and that it was only a break and nothing worse.

The other boys (Damien and Matt) finished the race in just under 15 hours, their goal was 15.5 hours. This after stopping for 15 minutes to see if my dad was ok, having their strongest team member fall out of the race half way and only now being 2 instead of 3 riders. Words could not express how proud I am of these two boys! Damien hasn’t even been cycling for a year and managed to achieve the comrades of cycling! Well done boys, I love you three so much!!


My heart broke when we woke up at 6am on Sunday and Erin said “where’s Oupa?”


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