Our Cold, fun weekend!

This weekend my mother and father in law came to visit us and what a lovely weekend it was.

Friday evening we had roast chicken for supper and went to bed early, as our electricity went off at 9pm.

Saturday morning we woke up to no electricity, I’m quite used to this as our geyser broke twice in two months, and a month ago our street didn’t have water for FOUR days, so I wasn’t really bothered. I did my SECOND park run and did my personal best (despite the freezing weather). Damien, Karina, Rob and Erin went for breakfast at Pappachinos.

We then met at the Johannesburg Zoo. Erin thoroughly enjoyed this outing as she is obsessed with animals! I would suggest this to any family who has children older than two years old. It’s great to learn about animals, kids can run freely and it’s relatively affordable.

20140830_110945_resized 20140830_105332_resized

20140830_105031_resized 20140830_104853_resized


On Saturday afternoon we had Eryn Monkey’s (Erin’s best friend) petting zoo party where Erin got to see a goat, chicken, rabbits, hamsters etc. Such a lovely party, we all REALLY had a great time. When we got home the electricity was back – yippee!!

Erin has been ill for a few days (just runny nose etc.) and Saturday night was terrible, she cried and cried for hours in pain but nobody could figure out where the pain was. Thankfully Sunday morning she woke up feeling okay.

Sunday we bunked church and walked to field and study park and had a drink at river café. Oumie and Pops went home to the airport Sunday lunch time and Erin and I stayed home to sleep.

Exciting week ahead for TGF – with our TV commercial debut being filmed and the SECOND #GraceFactorySocial on Saturday!!



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