Our girl’s first day at school!

Today is Erin’s first day at school. Although it’s not her “official” first day (as she used to go to another school from 6 months to 1 year) it still feels like our tiny little angel baby is all big now.

Damien and I were the first at school this morning (as we both need to get to work before 8am) and what a wonderful morning it was. Erin walked in by herself with her “Erin” bag on her back. Put her bag in her locker that had a Minnie (her FAVE) picture on her name. Sat down at the tables and started with a puzzle. I have been telling her about “Teacher Charlie” for the last month and then she kept asking Teacher Charlie – “where is Teacher Charlie”. She then kissed and hugged as good bye and off we went, no tears, no hysteria, just happiness.  We received messages from all grand parents this morning wishing Erin luck, we are all just so excited! The only one that’s sad is Thando, she said the house will be too quiet this morning 😦

Erin, my message to you is the following: May you never loose your fearfulness, may you continue to share and be kind to others, may you be a joy to your teachers, as you are to us and may you feel God’s grace every single day over your life. My angel girl, enjoy this new chapter of your life. Dad and I couldn’t be prouder!

IMG-20140909-WA0015_resized  IMG-20140909-WA0016_resized  IMG-20140909-WA0017_resized  IMG-20140909-WA0018_resized


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