I ran with Bruce Fordyce

Well, not quite. But I did attend the Woodlands parkrun this weekend and Bruce also attended, so I ran the same route as he did 🙂 but only about 10 minutes slower on a 5km than him.

I recently joined the parkrun craze and what fun it has been.

I’ve done two Bryanston runs and now the Woodlands one. The Bryanston run is all trail running (alongside the spruit), with slight inclines and one LONG uphill (that is very manageable). The Woodlands run is in the Woodlands office park, with beautiful scenery, buck, ponds etc. But DAMN, it has so many uphills and they never (or it feels like they never) end! I thoroughly enjoyed the run, but did my worst time ever (33:40), but would REALLY recommend it for its beauty and if you are doing hill training.

20140913_075028_resized The finish line 🙂

I would recommend anyone who can walk to join the parkrun phenomenon as it is so well organized, you get 500 discovery points every time and it’s FREE.

If you’ve done any other parkruns, please comment below, as I’d like to try out a few.

Happy running!





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