Recently I “subscribed” to an amazing educational product – Brain boosters. What it entails is a box filled with educational products (once a month) and also a toy for your child. One Saturday morning parents also meet to discuss how the month went and how the child did with the box. The box is age appropriate and each month has a different theme. This month we focus on fruit, how to eat healthily and try to encourage independence. The cool thing is that you get to keep the box – no giving back and it can be used for your second child, cousin, be given to a charity etc.

Erin loves it (as can be seen below) and I love that it focuses on teaching in a FUN way. It’s also VERY affordable at R250 per month. If you would like to get your child a box, contact Meryl Bailey on 072 561 3113

20140920_110919_resized 20140920_110925_resized

20140920_110930_resized 20140920_180657_resized

20140920_180703_resized  20140920_180722_resized


One thought on “Brainboosters

  1. That looks really nice. There seems to be a lot out there to choose from for this type of thing, can get confusing. But I like the matching exercise and teaching about health.


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