If you don’t like MY Jozi- LEAVE

For all those JHB vs. CT debate lovers, please don’t get excited as this blog post is definitely not a comparison of large SA cities.

This is much more serious post about something (place) that is VERY near and dear to me – Jozi. This has been my tenth year in this BEAUTIFUL (yes please open your eyes and see Jozi’s beauty) city of gold. I have obtained my degrees in this city. I have met the love of my life in this city. I have married in this city. I have completed 3 grueling years of articles in this city. My daughter was born in this city. I have started a charity in this city. And I have learned to LOVE this city.

In these ten years I have come across MANY “Jozi-haters” but the last few weeks has made me quite angry, so now to get over it and let go, I’ll write about it. I even had someone say on FB how bored they were in Jozi (yes you read right) and then send me a message “Jozi isn’t exactly my favourite place to be”. My question then is – “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE”.
For those people that live in Jozi and “it’s not exactly your favourite place to be” why are you here? Why don’t you move to your beloved Wellington, Rustenburg or Margate? Why do you spend every day in this city that you hate?

My philosophy about life is that you only live once and that you need to live for TODAY. If you are longing to ONE DAY live in another city what if you never even get to that ONE DAY?

I also have a family member who has for the last few decades longed to live in her country of origin, and two days ago she decided to move back there – HALLELUJAH I say – finally you can live and be happy about the place you live in!!!

For those “Jozi-haters” who live here, PLEASE do us “Jozi-lovers” a HUGE favour and move to the place you so long for, Jozi will be a MUCH better place WITHOUT YOU. Go to your sea or mountain or bushveld or snow and BE HAPPPY! Live in the place you LOVE and stop bad mouthing the place I love.

My heart belongs in Jozi (and I’m so grateful that my husband shares the same sentiment). We love the fast pace, beauty, nature, parks, having endless opportunities, our businesses and careers being blessed in Jozi, our charity helping others, our daughter having so many opportunities. Yes, there are bad things and there are things we need to improve on, but show me ONE city in the world that doesn’t?

For awesome facts about Jozi, see here.



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