Diaries of a 2 year old jetsetter

Last week Erin Grace went to Umhlangha for a WEEK with her Granny and Oupie! Boy oh boy, did she have a wonderful time, even though the weather was rather bad.

She went to Ushaka and loved the fishies, dolphins and penguins. She got to see her other grandparents, Oupie and Pops. She got to see aunt Tashy (who bought her a TRUCK load of gifts), aunt Lans and uncle Charl. She saw my mums SCHOOL friend, Anita and met her granddaughter, Julia. She ate chips, chips and more chips (loves chips). Built castles in the sand, swam in the pool with her wings on for the first time. Almost fully potty trained within a week! Loved the birds, ducks, tikkies (cats) and stream of water. She walked and rode her pink tjotter bike.

I joined them the last two days and I could hardly believe her development, talking in full sentences now.

DSC06003 DSC06005 DSC06011 DSC06014 DSC06015 DSC06017 DSC06024 DSC06026 DSC06048 DSC06056 DSC06060 image 4 image 5 image 6 image 7 image  image1 image2

My girl, I am so glad you had a lovely time at the resort where Matthew and I used to go when we were children, Cabana Beach! Love you!


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