All I want for Christmas

I’m not a huge fan of receiving gifts (frankly, I’d rather people donate to TGF), but I do REALLY LOVE buying gifts and Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year as I get to buy gifts for my entire family!

Some have asked me what I would like for Christmas as we all buy for each other every year, so here’s my list:

Nespresso Pods – we bought 250 when we got our machine but have run out now.

Steak knives – sad to say we’ve never had proper steak knives yet. Now that we eat Ostrich steak once a week, steak knives would be really cool.

Bokashi compost bin – my mum recently got a Bokashi compost bin and swears by it. I hate wastage and figured I can use the liquid compost to make our tiny garden look beautiful

Duvet cover – just love beautiful Egyptian cotton linen

Sorbet voucher – complete gelish addict, want to buy myself Morgan Taylor to take home

War horse – I’d really love tickets to go and watch this show with Damien, I’ve heard it’s amazing!

Coffee press – anyone will do, but Le Creuset has a beautiful one


2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas

  1. I have never heard of the Bokashi compost bins before until I read this post. I just had a look online and they look fantastic! I think I might put it on my Christmas Wish List, too. Thanks for the wonderful idea šŸ™‚


    • I’m glad you like the idea! If I don’t get one for Christmas I will buy myself one and blog about. But my mum said it’s really so great and if you recycle, you’ll have hardly any waste. Let me know if you get one.

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