Romeo Foxtrot – affordable and modern jewellery

I first heard about Romeo Foxtrot on Tanya’s blog, Rattle and mum (yes I do LOVE reading other blogs and hers is one of my favorite!)

I clicked the link to Roux’s Romeo Foxtrot website and I was BLOWN AWAY by her jewellery collection. Surely jewellery so affordable cannot be so cheap? I never know what to get certain members of my family for Christmas (hope they aren’t reading) but this was the PERFECT gift for the girls in my life!


So I started chatting to Roux via email, asking her what she thinks my family members would like and she was so helpful! I placed my order, paid and TWO days later the jewellery arrived at my front door!


Damien and I are off to the Portugese Islands tomorrow, on MSC’s Opera cruise, and I cannot wait to wear my Romeo Foxtrot Africa and heart necklaces respectively. Watch this space for pics….

Thanks Roux and Romeo Foxtrot and keep up the amazing work!!


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