Foo fighters – great night out


Damien and I don’t often go out at night, as we have a very short and small list of babysitters. When we heard Foo fighters were coming to SA we decided to buy tickets for our anniversary (to spoil ourselves!!)

We normally go to concerts with our dear friends – Pete, Emma, Chris and Stacey and asked them to join us.

The evening / afternoon started with burgers and beers at Hudsons – Parkhurst. I have only ever been to the one in Cape Town, but can definitely recommend the Parkhurst one if burgers and craft beer is your thang!

IMG-20141213-WA0018 20141213_164945

The six of us got into the bakkie and arrived at the stadium around 7pm, which is REALLY the way to go! We managed to see the second half of Kaizer Chiefs, who were quite awesome and then chilled on our seats (yes we got SEATED tickets) until 9pm when Foo Fighter’s started to play.





They were absolutely amazing!! For someone who isn’t THAT into rock, I thoroughly enjoyed it! The played for THREE full hours – no break and had so much energy. I absolutely loved the drummer (Taylor Hawkins) and the fact that he looked like a surfer was so cool! Dave Grohl is of course fantastic and played the drums for one song, which was magical. They played “Under pressure – Queen” which was WOW.

The night was really loads of fun, we got home round 1am and were exhausted on Sunday, but it was so worth it!!!!

Thanks Pete, Emm, Chris and Stace!! Here’s to many more cool FNB stadium concerts!!!


2 thoughts on “Foo fighters – great night out

    • It really was so nice, you should try it the next time one of your fave bands comes to play 🙂
      And it was also extra special, as it was our anniversary gift to each other and with some of our best friends!


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