Summer holiday 2014

Damien, Erin and I had a wonderful summer holiday! We only took off from 23 Dec 2014 to 5 Jan 2015 but really had such a blessed time. We went to Sasolburg for three days and then to my in-laws in Port Shepstone (Umtentweni) for a week. We chilled at home for three days, washing clothes and getting ready for work. Here’s a bit more about our holiday, pictures are better than words

20150104_110227Erin loving her new book that she got from Natasha for Christmas, it has a sing along cd.


20150103_201054Once we unpacked and cleaned up Erin’s room she was exhausted

20150103_190619Beautiful pottery Karina bought me for Christmas

20141230_195032 20141230_195040 20141230_202204_LLSDivine pork vs. pork, fillet and choc gateau that we had at THE CELLAR restaurant, a MUST for when you go to the south coast!!

20150101_105117Erin’s first movie at Shelly beach mall – Penguins, she watched for 30 minutes and really enjoyed the 30 mins that she watched.

20141230_125834Erin holding Hannah, she absolutely LOVES babies

20141231_121344 Ingwe manor guesthouse and spa. Damien and I had our golfers massages here on 31 Dec 2014.

20141230_124231Erin and Luke playing in Hannah’s cot

20141231_104807Karina and Damien at KCs coffee shop, such a stunning place and great for kids if no rain.

20141228_180135 Us at Panarottis Shelly beach – went there for their awesome kids play area.

20141227_125902Layla and myself at El Gato in Margate.

20141227_125853Shaheen and Damien also at El Gato.

20141226_081637Erin on the way to Sheppy loving her portable DVD player – best gift we have ever bought her.

20141226_075104Erin ordering at the Harrismith stop with her “pappachino”

20141225_130754Christmas feast. Was such a lovely hot day spent around the pool.

20141225_07014120141225_070148 20141225_101230(0) 20141225_101238 Erin loving her Christmas gifts, she was so overwhelmed.

20141224_203232 Christmas gifts, thank you Santa!!

20141224_180305 For Santa and the reindeer

20141224_072034Erin’s nails the same colour as mine for summer holidays

20141222_155830First real haircut, she was so well behaved, so proud of you angel!

20141221_161219Pappachinos with Nadya, Sam and kids before we left to go on holiday. Erin loved making her own pizza.


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