Paradise wallpaper


airborne_in situ_flat

Skinny la Minx has launched this beautiful new wallpaper line called Paradise Wallpaper. All their wallpaper designs are printed onto a pre-gummed PVC-free wallpaper that is 100% recyclable, and printed with non-toxic latex inks.

Airborne_tarmac Fronds_pale grey

To see more, check it out here.  I really love this, perhaps as a feature wall, very fresh and fashionable!!!

Fronds_room Palmetto_pinenut_room Zig Zag jungle_flat Zig Zag_tarmac_room


My Saturday Thang

Bryanston organic market and 15032015 042 Bryanston organic market and 15032015 040 Bryanston organic market and 15032015 039Beautiful fresh produce

Many people have a Saturday “thang” – something they love doing every Saturday, which is sort of like a ritual, routine, habbit. Well, I’ve NEVER had a Saturday thang. When I was at varsity, most Saturdays were spent studying or going home to my folks. Once married, most Saturdays were spent doing admin for our new house. When Erin was born, most Saturdays were spent buying groceries, or trying to catch up on house chores.

After a very busy start to 2015 and one operation already, I decided, I NEED me time – in order to stay sane for D and E.

So I thought of a Saturday thang. What I do is clock in at the Bryanston Parkrun at 7:30am for the 8am start. REALLY hoping to break the 30min mark this year. I then head over to the Bryanston organic market (a mere few KMs down the road) and buy our fresh fruit, veg and gluten free bread for the week. Hopefully I can meet up with a friend for 30mins and a quick coffee thereafter. This Saturday I ran with a few friends (time – 31:49), bought my weekly fresh produce and had coffee with my dear friend Deline (we’ve known each other since we were born).

It was just so good for my mind, body and soul. I get some much needed exercise and I get all our healthy food too. I just love the vibe at the organic market early in the morning. It’s so fresh and ALIVE! I love the stalls and all the unique things that get sold there. I found this newish stall this weekend – touch wood – they make little wooden ornaments that look stylish – have to get us some for our new place.

I’ve you’ve never been to a parkrun I would recommend it for sure, even if you don’t run – you can walk. And if never been to the Bryanston Organic Market – do yourself a favour and go – but be sure to take lotsa money with.

Can’t wait for this Saturday……………..

Bryanston organic market and 15032015 015 Bryanston organic market and 15032015 013 Bryanston organic market and 15032015 012

Bryanston organic market and 15032015 008 Bryanston organic market and 15032015 009Deline and my shoes.


GREAT hair days!!!

Sun city 005

I’ve always had an obsession with GHDs and bought myself a new one in Jan 2014, as Takealot was having a special. It started acting up three weeks ago and I contacted GHD, who came to collect it from me. They tested it and said it had a factory fault and was still within its 2 year guarantee period. They asked me to choose another one and I chose the lavender range. I got my BRAND NEW GHD a few days later. I am so thrilled to have my GREAT hair days back. Thank you GHD!!!!

Sun city 007


I won a LIEBSTER award

I was so overwhelmed when Christine from The Kenny Family nominated me for a LIEBSTER award! Thank you so much Christine. I have subsequently spent some time reading your blog (as I must be honest I don’t have time to read blogs often) and really love it! Your twin boys are so cute!


The Liebster awards were invented to try and recognize “small” blogs and I really think it’s an AWESOME idea to get to know the smaller blogs better. Here are the rules:


Here’s Christine’s questions to me:

  1. Why did you start your blog? I started my blog as I wanted to document memories and experiences of being a mum, wife, corporate world girl and charity worker.  I also hoped that mums reading my blog would be helped and encouraged in some way or form.
  2. If you could go to any place in the world, where would that be and why? Probably an island like Maldives or Mauritius where relaxation is the main aim, REALLY would love a week of sand, sea, beach, great food and cocktails!
  3. If money was not a factor, what would be your dream job? To work full time for my charity, The Grace Factory! Just LOVE helping others and my dream is to give a maternity pack to every baby born in a government hospital or clinic in South Africa.
  4. What do you do in order to overcome writer’s block?  I really struggle with writers block sometimes (not sure how to put my feelings on paper) and don’t write during these periods. Taking a break from blogging for a few days/ weeks helps.
  5. What do you value most in life? People who love me for me.
  6. What does a normal day in your life look like? Wake up at 5am – make lunches, breakfast and coffee/ tea, get  Erin ready for school and myself ready for work. Leave home at 6:45 to drop Erin off at school. Get to work by 7:15. Work flat out until 16:00, deal with TGF emails and queries during my “lunch break”. Go home at 16:00, drop Thando off. Spend time with Erin from 17:00 and make supper. Run (every second day) at 18:00, or when Damien gets home. Bath Erin at 18:30 and have supper. Erin in bed by 19:30 and then D and I spend time together. Aim to be asleep by 21:00. Repeat.
  7. What makes you smile? Hearing Erin laugh from the bottom of her tummy
  8. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? 2012 for sure, this was the year Erin was born and when I was on maternity leave for SIX months! Loved this time of self discovery and growth.
  9. Finish this sentence ” There is beauty all around when …… “ you just open your eyes to see it.
  10. What movie did you love to watch as a child? Mary Poppins and Sound of Music! Erin also loves Mary Poppins.
  11. Share your favorite quote. Anne Frank’s “No one has ever become poor by giving”

AnneHere are the random facts about me:

  1. I met Damien the FIRST day we started articles at KPMG
  2. Can’t handle reading, read too much at varsity and too much at work, hardly ever read books
  3. Nail polish OBSESSED – do my nails EVERY Sunday evening
  4. Started dancing at the age of 3 – Danced for SA at the age of 17. Love tap, ballet and modern dancing but stopped when I went to varsity
  5. Obtained 6 distinctions in Matric
  6. HATE Avocados, have never liked it!!
  7. Love mild North Indian curry and garlic naan
  8. Obsessed with JHB and it’s people, this city runs through my veins
  9. Used to be a provincial swimmer at school
  10. Born in Sasolburg, Free State
  11. Love Jesus!!!

These are the blogs I nominate (if you’ve already been nominated, don’t worry) for a Liebster award:

My eleven questions for the nominees are:

  1. What is your blog about?
  2. Where did you go to school and university (if applicable)?
  3. What city/ town do you live in and do you love living there?
  4. If you could be a super hero, what would it be and why?
  5. Favorite song of all time?
  6. Best meal YOU cook?
  7. If your house burned down and you could only take 3 objects (you already take all family and animals) what would they be?
  8. Are you best with babies, kids or the elderly?
  9. Do you support charity, if so, which one?
  10. Do you work and what is your day job?
  11. Favorite smell in the world?

Vacation club and sun city

Damien, Erin and I went to sun city a month ago for my work function awards weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! We also go annually in Feb or March with our dear friends Shaheen and Leila and their children. This past weekend was our annual Vacation Club weekend and we, once again, had such a blast!

Sun city is an absolute kids haven! There is so much to do for young and old. We went to the animal farm, kids played on jungle gyms, dads played putt putt, we swam, went to the Valley of the Waves and the mums even got pedicures!

I would really recommend Sun City (and especially Vacation Club) to any family wanting to get away from JHB but not travel too far. From the main Sun City gate to Grayston Drive it was 200km!!!

Sun city 051 Sun city 061 Sun city 065 Sun city 072  Sun city 082 Sun city 102 Sun city 097 Sun city 101

* Please note this is not a sponsored post.


The Travelling teacup

Ever wanted to host a REAL high tea party with vintage fine bone china teacups? But don’t have the budget to buy all the teacups, saucers etc? I absolutely LOVE tea parties and good crockery and cutlery. My mum even arranged a high tea party for my baby shower, which was a real hit!


My dear friend, Handri, has started a company called The Travelling Teacup! I absolutely LOVE the idea. Her teacups, saucers, plates, cake forks etc. can be hired out (travel) and you can host the PERFECT tea party!

Check out her website here.