Smile Cafe

I’m always looking for new and interesting places for Erin to play (as are most other parents). Eating out once you have a child can be so difficult, as one parent spends most of their time running after their little one.

We absolutely love Pappachinos in Morningside, but just find the fact that the children are not restricted (i.e. they can run all over the place) VERY distracting. Sam has told me about Smile quite a few times and a few weeks ago we tried it for the first time and LOVED it. Last weekend we went with my in-laws for an early supper and also had a great time.

K and R visit 078 K and R visit 084 K and R visit 095 K and R visit 096 K and R visit 100 K and R visit 103DSC06334DSC06339DSC06344

The play area is restricted and children wear a bangle with your table number on it. Once your child wants to leave the play area, the child minder brings your child to your table.  Food is nice (not amazing) pizzas, pasta, burgers etc.

If you haven’t been, I really would recommend Smile café, your kids will LOVE it and so will you! But remember to book as they get very busy.

* This is not a sponsored post, but merely my own opinion.


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