Vacation club and sun city

Damien, Erin and I went to sun city a month ago for my work function awards weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! We also go annually in Feb or March with our dear friends Shaheen and Leila and their children. This past weekend was our annual Vacation Club weekend and we, once again, had such a blast!

Sun city is an absolute kids haven! There is so much to do for young and old. We went to the animal farm, kids played on jungle gyms, dads played putt putt, we swam, went to the Valley of the Waves and the mums even got pedicures!

I would really recommend Sun City (and especially Vacation Club) to any family wanting to get away from JHB but not travel too far. From the main Sun City gate to Grayston Drive it was 200km!!!

Sun city 051 Sun city 061 Sun city 065 Sun city 072  Sun city 082 Sun city 102 Sun city 097 Sun city 101

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2 thoughts on “Vacation club and sun city

  1. We have been to Pilansberg a lot and then always say we will go for the day to Sun City and somehow the magic of the reserve keep us there. At least the Valley of the waves next time


    • It’s really such a nice place for kids! Pilansberg is still on my bucket list though. Problem with Sun City is, when you’re in the gates, you don’t leave until the day you go home. When you stay at vacation club you get free entrance to Valley of the Waves.


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