So much has been going on lately, Damien’s business has had its fair share if ups and downs, I start in a new division on 01 Oct, Erin’s growing into a beautiful, kind little girl and our angel is 650grams and 25 weeks….


Not really sure where to start, but here’s a summary:

Damien & I

Enjoying a weekend away in Plettenberg Bay. One of our best friends were having their wedding tomorrow, but unfortunately it’s been cancelled. We decided to turn the weekend into a baby moon and just relax! Erin is staying with my folks and doing what she loves best- baking and being with granny and oupie.



More tired than normal due to pregnancy and busyness of life. Was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome on Wednesday (after a 5 hour stint in the ER due to a lame right arm) but thankfully with pain meds this awful feeling should go away. Nausea thankfully gone!!! Feel huge, as carrying much bigger this time, compared to my first pregnancy.


Grateful for

My folks who are always more than willing to have Erin over. My job and the great people I work with, the excitement of a new job adventure. Erin and the fact that she’s so independent. Damien- my soul mate, my rock. He showed me this week what it means to live out your Christian values and I’m immensely proud of him! The fact that 8 of my friends are pregnant!



I’ve gone off eating meat, so mainly living on a very high carb diet, which isn’t good for the figure but as long as the nausea’s gone I’m happy.



A nice glass of wine or cocktail!


Excited for

Im excited for my new job and all the challenges it’ll bring. I’m super excited for summer- I am NOT a winter person! Excited to see Erin at a ballet lesson- she recently started ballet. I’m getting Baby #2 bedroom ready- absolutely cannot wait to meet her, but do pray she stays in there until 4 Jan 2016. Not going away in December due to baby #2- excited that both families will be at our place for Christmas.






School starts tomorrow (and this mum is THRILLED!!!!)

School holidays come with such mixed emotions for some people. If you’re a teacher you most likely are excited to be having a break, if you’re in high school you can’t wait to sleep late, if you’re a working mum (like myself) you’re probably thinking “how will I entertain my child for FIVE weeks” and if you’re Erin Grace you’re CRYING “I want to go to schoolie”.

A few months ago when I was wondering what I would do with Erin for five weeks, I started planning activities, holiday programme, play dates and a small family vacation. FIVE weeks, like seriously, is that REALLY necessary? Surely kids could use a week or two, but FIVE? Just seems excessive and unnecessary?

Erin kept busy most of the holiday by attending holiday programme for three days (couldn’t send her for more as it’s R190 A MORNING), going to her best friend Monkey’s house with her nanny and going to my good friend Toni’s house (she has three daughters that Erin adores).

Last week we set out on our small family vacation. We realized that us three had not really been on a holiday, as every time a holiday comes up, Erin goes to my folks. Damien doesn’t believe it’s much of a holiday is your baby/ under 3 year old child comes with….

We went to Hazyview for five days and stayed in a WONDERFUL place called Waterberry Hill, +-8km from the Pabeni Kruger National Park gate. We went to the Kruger for a whole day, went sight seeing (think Bourkes Luck potholes) and relaxed and spent QT with each other A LOT!

It was a well deserved and very much needed family vacation, but here’s the pictures that say it all……


Erin super excited to go to the “game averse” for the first time

IMG_3376Looking at the hippos

IMG_3391 IMG_3401Skukuza rest camp

IMG_3403 IMG_3421 IMG_3436Like a little doggie with head out the window 🙂

IMG_3446Exhausted after LONG day in the park

IMG_3454Hop scotch

IMG_3474 IMG_3495 IMG_3501Milo milkshake at Perry’s bridge

IMG_3505Sabie valley coffee


IMG_3549 IMG_3563Bourkes luck potholes

I think Erin had five action packed weeks of holiday and she wasn’t bored much but after such a long break my dear school loving, Montessori thriving darling angel CANNOT wait to go back to school tomorrow and neither can I 🙂


Our BIG announcement

So the reason that I haven’t been blogging for ages is because I’ve been really really sick. Luckily not with the flu but with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Sounds crazy right? It’s just a fancy word for SEVERE morning sickness!!

So the great news is that I am 23 weeks pregnant this week!!!

I’ve been quite sick and in and out of hospital, but feeling much better now, as I take Zofran daily – works so well (that’s prob why it costs about R80 a tablet 🙂 ).

I’m so excited to be sharing this news, no fancy picture, no cute catch phrase just a good old fashioned “I’m pregnant”.

I’m so grateful as this journey of secondary infertility has been a challenging one – one which I will blog about in due course.

Damien, Erin and I cannot wait to meet the new Westerman member who is due on 7 January 2016!! And we’re thrilled that it’s a girl!!!!