Our BIG announcement

So the reason that I haven’t been blogging for ages is because I’ve been really really sick. Luckily not with the flu but with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Sounds crazy right? It’s just a fancy word for SEVERE morning sickness!!

So the great news is that I am 23 weeks pregnant this week!!!

I’ve been quite sick and in and out of hospital, but feeling much better now, as I take Zofran daily – works so well (that’s prob why it costs about R80 a tablet 🙂 ).

I’m so excited to be sharing this news, no fancy picture, no cute catch phrase just a good old fashioned “I’m pregnant”.

I’m so grateful as this journey of secondary infertility has been a challenging one – one which I will blog about in due course.

Damien, Erin and I cannot wait to meet the new Westerman member who is due on 7 January 2016!! And we’re thrilled that it’s a girl!!!!


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