No two children (or pregnancies) are the same

Before I had children, people always used to tell me, no two children are the same and no two pregnancies are the same. I never really used to think much about that comment until I was pregnant, and especially until my second child was born.  I did a little (real accountant) spreadsheet below to illustrate the differences between my two children and pregnancies.  My mum also told me that I would love my second child just as much as my first. I could never fathom that concept before 14 November 2015, but the second I saw Sienna I understood it.

PS – I am by no means comparing them, as if they competing against each other, this is merely for me to document their differences.

Erin pregnancy Sienna pregnancy
Slight nausea and vomiting Extreme nausea and vomiting – hospitalisation type
Extreme, can’t keep eyes open exhaustion Not too tired
Picked up 9kgs Stopped weighing at 15kgs
No swelling at all Swelling EVERYWHERE
General great health Felt sick the entire time
Hardly any braxton hicks MANY braxton hicks
Never went into labour Went into pre term labour
Had Erin at 39 w elective Caesar Had Sienna 32 w emergency Caesar
Baby Erin Baby Sienna
2.88kgs, 51cm 2.065kgs, 45cm
8:45am 9:45am
Winter baby Summer baby
Born 100% healthy NICU, as pre term
Went home after 2 days Went home after 12 days
Breast fed Bottle fed
Loved swaddling Doesn’t like being swaddled
LOVED dummy! No dummy
Blue eyes One blue, one brown 🙂
Cried when she was bathed LOVES bath time
Cried a normal amount Hardly cries

4 thoughts on “No two children (or pregnancies) are the same

  1. Looks like you had two different experiences, but I guess that is what makes life so special to understand how they can be different. At least that’s nice if the crying is less this time round!


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