My list of newborn essentials

My dear premature baby, Sienna, is already 10 weeks old (I can’t actually believe it).

Feels like yesterday that she was born. She is growing so nicely and has recently started smiling!

I had a newborn essentials list for Erin, but have found quite a few extra things available now and also my needs have changed, considering that Sienna was born very early is a summer baby.

So here’s my list of newborn essentials for every new mom:

  • Size 0 Huggies nappies worked best, I just folded the front over due to Sienna being so small
  • Pampers Premium (once she outgrew Size 0), I have ALWAYS been a pampers premium fan, these nappies just don’t leak
  • Johnsons wipes, I prefer the ones that aren’t fragranced
  • Bennets bum cream – so affordable but just such good cream, the BIG tub is the best!
  • Cotton cuddles swaddling blanket from My Nesi. Not too hot for summer babies, but helps to keep baby swaddled. So soft!
  • Good carry cot. I find this so handy. Sienna sleeps in her carry cot during the day, it clips onto her pram, so we push her around the house and take her wherever we are going. The trendz for kidz is the best pram and carry cot combo, just LOVE it!
  • Tiny love rocker, it has a mobile with songs to stimulate her and then a vibrate function to give her a slight massage 🙂
  • Good bibs, we go through so many bibs a day, you need good ones that are absorbent, NOT those plastic ones 😦
  • D drops – I never used this for Erin, but due to Sienna being prem the paed recommended good vitamins. The D drops are so good for her Vitamin D intake (which she obviously doesn’t get much of, as she doesn’t lie in the sun)
  • Sleep positioner – I loved these when Erin was a newborn and I still love them. They are so very handy and help keep baby in correct position
  • Sterimar for babies – great to keep the nose moist and helps baby sneeze, if needed

Mums, do you have any newborn essentials you would like to add to the list?

Bennets Huggies Johnsons Pampers Sterimar Tiny love

This is not a sponsored post


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