For the love of gardening

My mum has always been a keen gardener and growing up I never really shared this passion.

But since I was about 27 (guess just after we’d owned our first house) the green fingers bug bit me.  I started  with a pot plant succulent (as nobody can kill a succulent) garden on our balcony of our flat. When we moved to a place with a small garden, I tried to keep that garden pretty too, although my schnauzer puppy would enjoy eating my plants. Now that we have a bigger garden, I REALLY LOVE seeing things grow, especially VEGGIES!

Jan 2016 1076

I started a very small veggie patch with a white steel fence around it, so that Harvey and Shera can stay out of it. Not much has come from this patch except these tiny carrots. I’m convinced the soil is bad, it seems like clay with loads of stones in it.

Jan 2016 1145

I then started with my pallet veggie garden project and after a week I had something (not sure what yet) sprouting, here’s what you need:

  • A pallet (new or used) – many shops have slightly broken pallets they are willing to give away. My husband has hundreds of slightly broken ones, contact me if you’d like some
  • 3 x 20kg bags of potting soil
  • 1 x 20kg bag of compost
  • 1 x 5kg bag of bone meal
  • Seeds (depending on season and how much sun your area has)
  • 2-3m weed mat / landscaping material
  • staple gun

I would suggest you chose an area with a lot of sun, as most veggies need loads of sun to thrive.  Also, start the project where your final garden will be, as you CANNOT move it once you have 80+kg in the pallet….


  1. Put you pallet face down
  2. Stretch your weed mat over the side and bottom of the pallet and staple
  3. Staple weed mat to the other two open sides of the pallet
  4. Add your soil, mix in the bone meal
  5. Plant your seeds in rows. I planted one half and then another half a week later, so that I can harvest at different times
  6. Water daily and watch them grow!!

Jan 2016 1007 Jan 2016 1005

Note – you cannot plant veggies that require too much depth as you only have the depth of the pallet to grow. You also cannot grow anything that will be grow to fatter than the opening of the pallet, as then you can’t remove it once fully grown. Next time I would turn my pallet the other way round, as to allow more space for things to grow.  But I think this is a good first attempt, what do you think?

Jan 2016 1035 Jan 2016 1012 Jan 2016 1010

Thanks mummy for helping me with my pallet garden!!!




Adventure Boot camp

After Erin was born I somehow lost all my weight within 8 weeks after her birth (I only picked up 9kgs). But after Sienna’s birth (note I was only pregnant for 32 weeks and had picked up 15kgs) I REALLY struggled to loose the weight!

Jan 2016 990

I grew up in a home of VERY active people and when I was at school, some days I would exercise 3 hours a day. I was basically an exercise FREAK!  I feel since becoming a mom and realizing that life isn’t about exercise and your life shouldn’t be revolved around it, I stopped obsessing about exercise.

But back to my dilemma, I can’t shed these extra KGs and I REFUSE to buy an entire new wardrobe. So I wondered, how will I loose this weight. I can’t stand gym, gyms annoy me and I feel there’s so many germs lurking there. I love to run, but don’t have a running partner. I even considered a personal trainer, but that is SOOOOO expensive.

One day, whilst walking the dogs with Damien, I saw a bunch of ladies exercising together at George Lea Park (Sandton sports club). When I got home I googled “bootcamp George lea” and came across Adventure Boot Camp. Needless to say, I haven’t looked back!

Adventure Boot Camp has really been an enjoyable experience for me and it’s a GREAT way to exercise, here’s why:

  • it’s in nature – we train outside in a PARK
  • it’s 2 mins drive from my house
  • you go at your own pace
  • it’s like having a personal trainer, you’re just in a group (so guess more like group trainer)
  • the sessions are never the same
  • trains different parts of your body on different days
  • you training in a group, therefore motivated
  • Sandton has FIVE different time slots to choose from (5:45-6:45, 7:00-8:00, 8:15-9:15, 16:30-17:30, 17:45-18:45)
  • it’s affordable – I pay R650 for 12 sessions a month and get cash back from Discovery (think 25%)
  • it’s flexible – you chose between 4, 12 or 20 sessions a month

Although I haven’t lost ANY weight yet (despite eating healthier), I just feel so much better. I feel that I have more energy and my clothes seem to be less tight. I’ve convinced one of my best friends to join too.

ABC has many venues around SA, check them out here.

PS – This is NOT a sponsored post and you need a yoga mat and two dumbbell’s to exercise at your best.

Jan 2016 1145Veggies from my GARDEN!!!!

Jan 2016 992


Cherubs wipes new packaging


Wet wipes is something my house is NEVER short of. Since Erin was born almost 4 years ago wet wipes have been a stock standard on my grocery list. I love what Cherubs have done with their new packaging, innovative idea! The quality is great and at a very reasonable price.

The Cherubs Wipes Triple Pack now has a new convenient carry strap that has an elegant and user friendly design. The original plastic bag has been removed to reduce strain on the environment.


The world of parenting can be both overwhelming and magical. For the many moms who are trying to ‘do it all’ and still switch gears seamlessly, life is a constant juggle and quest to create more time or find more hands.

That’s why Cherubs is offering moms ultimate convenience with the Cherubs Triple Pack of wipes! 3 x packs of 72 wipes retail for only R49.99.