Looking for a party planner? The Celebration Co

My dear friend Sam has started a party planning business called The Celebration Co.

Sam is super talented and more creative than I can ever imagine to be.

If you’d like to book her for your child’s birthday party, give her a call on 083 627 4526.

Here’s pictures of her daughter, Bella’s, 3rd super hero party. The party was held at Timbali party venue in Midrand, I can recommend this venue, it was great!

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8 things I will miss about maternity leave

My maternity leave comes to an end on Friday and I must say I’m quite sad that these glorious 4 1/2 months have passed by so quickly. As with the first time that I went on maternity leave, I REALLY enjoyed being on leave, but I’m a working mum (love working) and now it’s time to go back.

These are the things that I’ll miss about being on maternity leave:

  1.  Fetching Erin from school early

Erin’s always had a lift home but from Monday she’s doing after care at her school. I LOVED the fact that I could pic her up at 2pm everyday and that I didn’t have to rely on someone else to drop her off, or her being one of the last kids at school (after care).

2.  Movies during the week

Erin and I got to see some cool movies and I got a glimpse of what it would be like being a stay at home mum. Movies are quiet during the week, no queues, quite nice I must say.

3.  Sienna developing right in front of my very eyes

I got to marvel at Sienna’s development and growth daily. My tiny 2kg prem has now flourished into a 6kg + little baby, I can stare at her all day.

4.  I was able to sleep slightly later

I woke up at 6am / 6:30am daily instead of 5am

5.  Catnaps during the day

Yip, I did that this time round! I was silly not to do it the first time I was on maternity leave, but this time I enjoyed Sienna and I having catnaps at 10am, 11am, whenever. I LOVE to sleep, if you haven’t noticed

6.  Focusing on The Grace Factory

Seeing the growth of The Grace Factory in the last few months has been unreal. I was able to give my passion more of my time and also able to go to more meetings, seem more people, get more corporates on board.

7.  Have tea with my friends who have just had babies

Because I work, tea with friends REALLY is a luxury and doesn’t happen often at all. It was so nice to meet up with some other friends who were on maternity leave and just encourage them in this sometimes difficult time.

8.  Admin

I’m a real “to do list” kinda gal. I got stuck into my to do list good and proper and must say I’ve made quite a dent in it.

March 2016 180

To my angel girls, the last 4,5 months in your presence has been amazing and I have enjoyed every single second. The time has come for mommy to “stop being lazy” (Erin says I don’t go to work because I am lazy, bless her) and to go back to work. Does this mean that I love you more than work, ABSOLUTELY NOT, but I do pray that one day you’ll admire me for being a working mum and not resent me.

I love you lamb and bunny (more than words can express)


Have long hair, keen for a change and to make a difference?

Cancer affects most people, either directly, or indirectly.

Last year this became an AWFUL reality for me, when one of my mum’s closest friends (that I’ve known since I’ve had memory) was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Even more so when one of my closest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer on Monday.

I decided a while back to grow my hair so that I can have it cut so that I could donate my pony tail to make a wig with it.

I’ll cut my long story short and show you pictures instead.

If you have long hair why not give it a shot? Hair does grow back……..Please also see CANSA’s website to find out more.

Requirements – Human Hair Donations:

  • Ponytail donation that is 25 cm or longer.
  • Hair should be clean and dry.
  • All hair whether dyed or treated is acceptable. We are not able to use dreadlocks.
  • When cutting the hair, please bind both ends with an elastic band and place in a zip-lock bag (this preserves it in the best condition while being transported to the wig manufacturer).
  • Send your hair donation in a plastic bag with your name and contact details on it.

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Support small business!

Lately I’ve been looking for anything “bunny” for Erin’s dedication, I’m slightly obsessed with bunnies to be honest. When Erin was born we called her lamb (we still do) and there were lambs everywhere, with Sienna I feel like she should be surrounded by cute bunnies. Weird, but true.

In my mission to find the perfect bunny I came across WILBER at the Field & Study Market.

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He makes cute bead work and wooden figures. I absolutely love his work and that he’s trying his best to make an honest living. I really enjoying supporting local businesses!

If you need anything made out of wood or beads (he can custom make), call WILBER on 073 450 6875, or find him at the Field & Study market.

FS Market flyer (A6)


Being a CA (SA)

I’ve always wanted to be a CA, for as long as I have memory.

After Erin was born I realized that I had other passions, such as helping those in need.  I struggled with how to be a CA (I did study for 7 years to become one) and to help others. I found out how and started The Grace Factory. Without the help of our full time volunteer, Alison Wright, The Grace Factory would be nothing!



I do however LOVE being a CA by day and mum and charity worker by night/ weekends.

My humblest moment yet was being featured in the Accountancy SA magazine last week! If you’d like to read more, download the magazine here.


Hamleys gives back

I LOVE companies that give back and I really like this idea from Hamleys toy store! Their new store opens in East Gate TODAY!

Hamleys new toy shop at Eastgate Shopping Centre will be spreading smiles with a #HamleysBBFF Donation Station, where pre-loved teddies and new fluffy toys can be donated to the Smile Foundation.


The #HamleysBBFF Donation Station, into which supports can place their teddy donation through the heart of the 3 metre wire teddy, will be gratefully accepting donations for the Smile Foundation from 25th February to 31st March.  The Foundation is a proudly South African non-profit organisation that provides reconstructive surgery for children with facial abnormalities and burn wounds.

Says Philip Paphitis of Hamleys South Africa, “Teddy bears have a special place in our hearts at Hamleys, and these teddies and other toys will be distributed to children receiving surgery to bring smiles and to comfort them while in the hospital as well as at home. Most of these children have never received a new toy in their life and this heartfelt gesture will lift their spirits after surgery and aid their recovery.”

Teddies have been an integral part of a happy childhood for centuries, and now science has backed up the benefits and shown that cuddling a teddy can assist with healing children who have experienced trauma in their young lives – trauma which is a sad reality in the lives of many South African children.

The Eastgate shop is the 4th and largest Hamleys toy shop to open in South Africa.