Hamleys gives back

I LOVE companies that give back and I really like this idea from Hamleys toy store! Their new store opens in East Gate TODAY!

Hamleys new toy shop at Eastgate Shopping Centre will be spreading smiles with a #HamleysBBFF Donation Station, where pre-loved teddies and new fluffy toys can be donated to the Smile Foundation.


The #HamleysBBFF Donation Station, into which supports can place their teddy donation through the heart of the 3 metre wire teddy, will be gratefully accepting donations for the Smile Foundation from 25th February to 31st March.  The Foundation is a proudly South African non-profit organisation that provides reconstructive surgery for children with facial abnormalities and burn wounds.

Says Philip Paphitis of Hamleys South Africa, “Teddy bears have a special place in our hearts at Hamleys, and these teddies and other toys will be distributed to children receiving surgery to bring smiles and to comfort them while in the hospital as well as at home. Most of these children have never received a new toy in their life and this heartfelt gesture will lift their spirits after surgery and aid their recovery.”

Teddies have been an integral part of a happy childhood for centuries, and now science has backed up the benefits and shown that cuddling a teddy can assist with healing children who have experienced trauma in their young lives – trauma which is a sad reality in the lives of many South African children.

The Eastgate shop is the 4th and largest Hamleys toy shop to open in South Africa.


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