Support small business!

Lately I’ve been looking for anything “bunny” for Erin’s dedication, I’m slightly obsessed with bunnies to be honest. When Erin was born we called her lamb (we still do) and there were lambs everywhere, with Sienna I feel like she should be surrounded by cute bunnies. Weird, but true.

In my mission to find the perfect bunny I came across WILBER at the Field & Study Market.

Feb 2016 467 Feb 2016 468 Feb 2016 469 Feb 2016 471 Feb 2016 475

He makes cute bead work and wooden figures. I absolutely love his work and that he’s trying his best to make an honest living. I really enjoying supporting local businesses!

If you need anything made out of wood or beads (he can custom make), call WILBER on 073 450 6875, or find him at the Field & Study market.

FS Market flyer (A6)


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