Have long hair, keen for a change and to make a difference?

Cancer affects most people, either directly, or indirectly.

Last year this became an AWFUL reality for me, when one of my mum’s closest friends (that I’ve known since I’ve had memory) was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Even more so when one of my closest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer on Monday.

I decided a while back to grow my hair so that I can have it cut so that I could donate my pony tail to make a wig with it.

I’ll cut my long story short and show you pictures instead.

If you have long hair why not give it a shot? Hair does grow back……..Please also see CANSA’s website to find out more.

Requirements – Human Hair Donations:

  • Ponytail donation that is 25 cm or longer.
  • Hair should be clean and dry.
  • All hair whether dyed or treated is acceptable. We are not able to use dreadlocks.
  • When cutting the hair, please bind both ends with an elastic band and place in a zip-lock bag (this preserves it in the best condition while being transported to the wig manufacturer).
  • Send your hair donation in a plastic bag with your name and contact details on it.

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