8 things I will miss about maternity leave

My maternity leave comes to an end on Friday and I must say I’m quite sad that these glorious 4 1/2 months have passed by so quickly. As with the first time that I went on maternity leave, I REALLY enjoyed being on leave, but I’m a working mum (love working) and now it’s time to go back.

These are the things that I’ll miss about being on maternity leave:

  1.  Fetching Erin from school early

Erin’s always had a lift home but from Monday she’s doing after care at her school. I LOVED the fact that I could pic her up at 2pm everyday and that I didn’t have to rely on someone else to drop her off, or her being one of the last kids at school (after care).

2.  Movies during the week

Erin and I got to see some cool movies and I got a glimpse of what it would be like being a stay at home mum. Movies are quiet during the week, no queues, quite nice I must say.

3.  Sienna developing right in front of my very eyes

I got to marvel at Sienna’s development and growth daily. My tiny 2kg prem has now flourished into a 6kg + little baby, I can stare at her all day.

4.  I was able to sleep slightly later

I woke up at 6am / 6:30am daily instead of 5am

5.  Catnaps during the day

Yip, I did that this time round! I was silly not to do it the first time I was on maternity leave, but this time I enjoyed Sienna and I having catnaps at 10am, 11am, whenever. I LOVE to sleep, if you haven’t noticed

6.  Focusing on The Grace Factory

Seeing the growth of The Grace Factory in the last few months has been unreal. I was able to give my passion more of my time and also able to go to more meetings, seem more people, get more corporates on board.

7.  Have tea with my friends who have just had babies

Because I work, tea with friends REALLY is a luxury and doesn’t happen often at all. It was so nice to meet up with some other friends who were on maternity leave and just encourage them in this sometimes difficult time.

8.  Admin

I’m a real “to do list” kinda gal. I got stuck into my to do list good and proper and must say I’ve made quite a dent in it.

March 2016 180

To my angel girls, the last 4,5 months in your presence has been amazing and I have enjoyed every single second. The time has come for mommy to “stop being lazy” (Erin says I don’t go to work because I am lazy, bless her) and to go back to work. Does this mean that I love you more than work, ABSOLUTELY NOT, but I do pray that one day you’ll admire me for being a working mum and not resent me.

I love you lamb and bunny (more than words can express)


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