My St Patrick’s day 30th

It’s no secret that I LOVE planning parties. So when my 30th birthday was around the corner I decided to plan my own party (sad I know, but I secretly LOVED it).  My birthday is always on St Patricks day, 17 March, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve ALWAYS wanted a St Patricks day party.

We had it at our house with 40 guests on Friday, 18 March and we all really had a ball! I’m not a big drinker so just had Guiness (of course), beers, wine and colddrink. My dad made awesome Mojitos for us in glass bottles, they tasted divine! I ordered a green two tier vanilla and chocolate cake from Alta and had platters of snacks from Woolies. I hired tables etc from silver spoon function hire, who are very reasonably priced and their service was great too! Most of the vases used were from recycled glasses that I’ve been collecting for months and 90% of the flowers came from my garden 🙂

Besides Damien buying me a beautiful Tanzanite ring for my birthday, he REALLY surprised me by doing a short but amazingly sincere speech. It was such a fun evening with my closest friends and family, loved it!

Cake Sienna and Oumie and Amy Speech Table


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