What to buy when expecting a baby


So many of my friends are having babies – woohoo! Tonight one of my besties (who is 21 weeks pregnant, expecting a boy) asked me to send her a list of things she needs to buy for her baby. Wait, hold on, she asked ME?  That means I’m regarded as an “expert” in this field (she says in a sarcastic voice), which I by no means am, but here goes, just for you my dear Cath 🙂


  • Nappies – I used Huggies size 0 and then pampers premium (from size 1). I am a HUGE pampers premium fan, they do NOT leak!
  • Wet wipes – you’ll need these for the next 3-4 years so buy as many as you can get your hands on, you can NEVER have enough of these
  • Everyday bum cream – if on a budget, Bennets is EXCELLENT. If not, Pure Beginnings is really nice
  • Nappy rash bum cream – Bepanthen, also helps for cracked nipples
  • Dummy – there’s no telling whether your child will want a dummy, but I do suggest you buy one just incase he/she needs one.  Not sure which brand to recommend as Erin only took an Avent dummy and Sienna only likes the Nuk dummy… Maybe buy 2 brands and then you can donate the one your child doesn’t like to The Grace Factory (hint, hint)
  • Sleep positioner – I have many of these incase one is in the washing or one is in the carry cot
  • Donut – I never had one when Erin was small, but have one now and find it so so handy, Sienna loves sleeping in her donut during the day
  • Blankets – Muslin blankets for summer and warm fleece blankets for winter.
  • Rescue remedy – a few drops for you, a few drops for baby 🙂
  • Baby monitor – I like the angel care one, the one with a camera is a bit of a gimmick, but the apnea monitor is a must have
  • Baby bin – angel care is a good one, but I see many brands around now
  • Baby bin refills – you need quite a few of these
  • Bumbo – I put both my girls in their bumbo from the age of 4 months. Buy a neutral colour so that you can use it for your next child
  • Sterimar – nasal spray, works really well for tiny blocked noses
  • Telament drops – These worked really well when Sienna was niggly between 8 and 10 weeks



Many people may not agree with me, but I would recommend less is more. Your child does NOT need 50 newborn outfits! It is an absolute waste of money, as he/she will probably outgrow newborn in a month and there are only 30 days in a month. Think about that, let that sink in……

I suggest a couple of newborn vests and babygrows, like 10 max.  You can wash them every 2/3 days.  Only problem is if you have a baby who vomits a lot. I’ve also heard boys’ nappies leak easier than girls’ nappies? I’d suggest getting more 0-3 m clothes, one can always roll the sleeves up……

Remember to be season specific and work out when your baby will need winter clothes and when he/she will need summer clothes.

Prems ALWAYS need warmer clothes, unless they are born in a heat wave (like Sienna).

You’ll need 1 or 2 beanies.

Absolute waste of money

  • Shoes – your newborn does NOT need shoes, perhaps socks to keep toes warm, but NOT shoes
  • Duvet cover and Duvet inner – I never used mine, only used loose blankets
  • Baby towel – the hoody is always too big for the head and what’s wrong with using a normal towel?
  • Bottle warmer – my children have a harsh mother – room temp milk will have to do……
  • Bibs with waterproof part behind it, they don’t absorb the liquid


  • Really good electric breast pump – I don’t believe in breast confusion (not sure who made that story up) and I do believe in sanity. So as soon as you can pump a bit (let’s not pump 5 times a day already), do so. Get your husband to give your child and bottle and REST – you deserve it!
  • Breastfeeding pillow – I see all pro breast feeders have them, so guess they are necessary?
  • Breastfeeding shawl – person dependent, I never breastfed in public, so wouldn’t know…..
  • Breast pads – I had enough milk for 5 babies when Erin was born and these saved my life – Pigeon is a good brand
  • Good feeding bra – don’t want those gals to sag, now do we….

Bottle feeding

  • Bottles – don’t go out and buy 15 NUK bottles, your child might not feed easily from NUK.  Buy one or two of two or so brands. See if he/she likes it, then send Hubby to go buy more of the one the baby likes.  I think 6-8 bottles is enough to see you through.
  • Steriliser – will probably be the same as your brand of bottles
  • Bottle brush
  • Formula – buy small tin and then see if your baby is okay with that formula, then send hubby (again, sorry hubby) to go buy a big tin
  • Bibs – about 20 as you use those often and they do get wet easily

Anyone else remember what you simply couldn’t live without and what was a complete waste of money??


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