Have a stressful job?

I’ve just returned to work after 4 months of maternity leave and I must be honest, it has been stressful.  I work in the financial world, so the pressure is always on and I am quite used to it by now. But stress is something I don’t think should be endured for long periods of time, without a stress reliever.  That’s why I find Adventure Boot Camp and Bach Rescue Remedy really helps me as a stress reliever.  I used to put Bach’s rescue remedy in my jungle juice when I breastfed my girls, just to take the edge off.

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A few weeks ago I was invited to a Bach event where we learnt a lot about Bach rescue remedy and were given a box of Bach Pastilles.  I keep the box of pastilles in my top drawer at work and whenever I feel a stressful situation or meeting coming along, I reach for my “magic sweets”.  I must be honest it REALLY helps me and I’m so grateful to my purple sweets in the cool yellow container!

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Here are some cool facts about Bach’s rescue remedy:

  1. What is Rescue Remedy?

The Bach RESCUE REMEDY® is a stress relief formula originally created in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, and is made from flowers chosen for their specific healing qualities.This remedy can help reduce the negative emotions associated with stress. Bach RESCUE REMEDY® is a combination of five individual flower essences for emotional wellbeing and care for everyday life. Bach RESCUE REMEDY® has been used by generations and take comfort that a RESCUE® product is by your side when the need to get the most from their busy day. Keep cool, calm and collected with RESCUE Remedy® by your side. Today the Original BACH RESCUE REMEDY® has become the global leader in natural stress relief, used and trusted by millions of people around the world for generations.

  1. Bach’s Guide to Pregnancy

Planning for a new baby is a lot of work. In the rush it’s easy to forget to take proper care of the most important people in our babies’ lives – us. The clinically proven Bach RESCUE REMEDY® not only helps to make the labor experience easier and less traumatic, but can assist before birth, during the birth and post birth so that you get the best out of your pregnancy.

  1. Parent-Child Relationship

Parents and children have such a close connection that they usually need to take the same essences, says Certified Bach Flower Essence consultant Amy Finnegan. If one is emotionally off-balance, it will throw the other off too. So they need to be treated at the same time. She recommends that parents take flower essences recommended for children, and vice versa. For a breastfeeding mother, any essence she takes will pass automatically to her baby.

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