How to help @GraceFactoryZA – The Grace Factory

I get asked quite often how people can help The Grace Factory (Mandela Day is also coming up soon) and recently by my colleague, Lee, so this one is for you Lee 🙂

  • collect wool for our beanie and booties project (we have people who can knit and we’ll give the wool to them)
  • knit beanies and booties yourself
  • collect second hand prem, baby & toddler clothes
  • host a nappy drive
  • ask people to bring donations for The Grace Factory instead of a gift for yourself when it’s your birthday – brave one 🙂
  • Help us pimp our ride by signing a 36 month debit order
  • sign up for my school and make us your beneficiary (you can have up to 3!!)
  • host a formula drive
  • help us cut blankets from fleecy material
  • tell your friends about us
  • help us find more children’s homes that we can support
  • volunteer of your time at one of our quarterly packing days (normally 3 hours)
  • volunteer of your time to drop off maternity packs

The Grace Factory Poster Emailer

Knitting jpeg

Nelson Mandela Beanies

Prem Packs


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