The new cotton on critters range

I just LOVE the new Cotton On Critters range for kids and babies. Only thing is, I wish they have this range for adults. Here are some of my favourite items and yes, I am girl bias, I am a girl mum 🙂

Cotton On KIDS_penelope ls tee_R159.00  CottonOnKIDS_ArloSuit_R299.00 (3) CottonOnKIDS_DribbleBib_R139.00 CottonOnKIDS_EdenLSDress_R199.00 CottonOnKIDS_LulaFleece_R299.00 CottonOnKIDS_MichaelLSTee_R139.00 CottonOnKIDS_SallyCrew_R249.00 CottonOnKIDS_SophiaFleece_R249.00 (2)

There is plenty of fun to be had with a critter to suit every little personality. Mums and Dads can let their inner child run wild with plenty of cosy characters to choose from including bears, foxes and cats as well as a few little monsters.  The fresh neutral pallet boasts vanilla whites, pastel pinks, soft and graphite greys bringing a touch of magic with pops of colour and gold foil highlights.  This range is available in store nation wide.


Bennet’s bum crème – now with D-Panthenol!

Most people that know we well know I’m a bennets fan! The main reason is that their bum crème WORKS and it’s affordable.  My 300g jar normally lasts about 2 months, which is awesome, I don’t need to pop into a shop every week to buy bum crème.

When Erin was a baby and was breastfed, she had nappy rash often (and I mean a few times a week).  Bennets worked for this and helped a lot as the daily bum crème that I used. It also didn’t cost me more than R100 – which I think is ridiculous for bum crème. I compared bum crèmes a couple of weeks ago (my sister in law just had a baby and I was doing my own price match for her, accountant vibes, I know) and noticed that some bum cream cost 1000 % more than bennets!!!! Yes 1000%.  That means that Bennets cost R80 for 300g at Pick n Pay and the other bum crème (don’t want to bad mouth them, so not mentioning names) cost R90 for 30g.  That means that it would cost R900 for 300g……. Let that sink in.

The GREAT news is that my favourite bum crème now has added D-Panthenol in it! Still the great bennets bum crème, just better! So go on mums, go get yourself some, what are you waiting for? 🙂


Please note: this is not a sponsored post, this is my own opinion.