Howie’s Gourmet

Yesterday was Erin’s 4th birthday party (more about that in another post) and the one thing that always worries me at my children’s parties is that there won’t be enough food and drink for the adults.  I can’t handle parties where the mum only catered for the kids and doesn’t have any food for the adults.  I’m not really a big drinker, but I always make sure I have wine and beer for the parents at the party.  It’s bad enough that dad needs to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon at a birthday party, give the man a beer (at least).

A month ago I came across these awesome snacks for a function and I was so impressed.  They were from Howie’s Gourmet.  So I contacted them to do Erin’s party snacks and I was blewn away!

The food arrived at my house 2 hours before the party, the food was fresh and original.  No boring cheese and tomato sandwiches.  I didn’t give Howie a brief on what I needed, I told him my budget and the amount of people.  What arrived was out of this world.  2 huge boxes, each with 4 small boxes inside it and included:

  • prawn cocktail salad
  • ribs
  • chicken lollipops
  • spanakopita
  • falafel balls
  • meat balls
  • beef strips
  • sandwiches with cold meat
  • fruit salad skewers
  • cucumber wrapped in cream cheese and salmon

Excuse my amateur pictures, but here they are.

If you’re having a function soon, please give Howie a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Erin birthday 268 Erin birthday 311 Erin birthday 312 Erin birthday 314


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