Our Germany adventure 2 of 3

Wow, due to the fact that I lost my password and started a new job, this post is SUPER old and outdated but here are some pics.

Some of the highlights:

  • Munich – I absolutely LOVE this city. Such a mixture of history and technology. Damien wasn’t a fan, he said he expected more
  • Had dinner at Augustiner – an old beer house with amazing beer and traditional German food
  • Beautiful cathedrals that take your breath away
  • We visited the BMW world, but didn’t have enough time for the BMW museum (which is apparently a must see)
  • Had coffee at Mcdonalds daily – was the cheapest we could find – 1Euro
  • Germany is packed with pastries around every corner and I had about 3 a day. Not many people in this country are fat, guess because they walk everywhere, very limited cars
  • English garden – breathtaking!!!

Germany May 2016 268 Germany May 2016 269 Germany May 2016 276 Germany May 2016 296 Germany May 2016 318 Germany May 2016 334 Germany May 2016 335 Germany May 2016 337 Germany May 2016 351 Germany May 2016 353 Germany May 2016 355 Germany May 2016 356 Germany May 2016 367 Germany May 2016 373 Germany May 2016 391 Germany May 2016 392 Germany May 2016 394


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