Shrek birthday party – 4 years old!!

The fact that I’m posting this a month late shows just how busy July has been.  But here are some pictures of Erin’s 4th birthday party.  I kept it small this year, as she had a huge party last year.  I think she enjoyed it more this year due to the fact that there weren’t as many children and only her bestest best friends came along to celebrate.

Erin birthday 260 Erin birthday 275 Erin birthday 283 Erin birthday 299 Erin birthday 310 Erin birthday 313 Erin birthday 315 Erin birthday 327 Erin birthday 329

Snacks – Howie’s gourmet

Cake – Alta

Activities – pass the parcel, decorate your gingerbread man/ lady and a fun fizzer hunt


A whole new look – Cherubs baby wipes

One thing I ALWAYS have in my house is wet wipes. Packet in each child’s room, packet in the bathroom, packet in the kitchen, everywhere…….

CHERUBS – SA’s favourite local and eco-friendly baby brand – have revamped their Classic & Eco Wipes.

CHERUBS are offering the same soft and delicate product for your baby’s skin, but now with a whole new make-over!


CHERUBS Classic & Eco Wipes have been renamed CHERUBS Classic Flushable Baby & Toilet Training Wipes. Made from premium airlaid paper, these variants are flushable & biodegradable and come in fragranced and fragrance free variants.

CHERUBS Classic flushable baby & toilet training wipes are:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Flushable & Biodegradable
  • For Baby & Toddler
  • pH Balanced
  • Alcohol, Chlorine & Paraben Free
  • Made in SA with love



Howie’s Gourmet

Yesterday was Erin’s 4th birthday party (more about that in another post) and the one thing that always worries me at my children’s parties is that there won’t be enough food and drink for the adults.  I can’t handle parties where the mum only catered for the kids and doesn’t have any food for the adults.  I’m not really a big drinker, but I always make sure I have wine and beer for the parents at the party.  It’s bad enough that dad needs to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon at a birthday party, give the man a beer (at least).

A month ago I came across these awesome snacks for a function and I was so impressed.  They were from Howie’s Gourmet.  So I contacted them to do Erin’s party snacks and I was blewn away!

The food arrived at my house 2 hours before the party, the food was fresh and original.  No boring cheese and tomato sandwiches.  I didn’t give Howie a brief on what I needed, I told him my budget and the amount of people.  What arrived was out of this world.  2 huge boxes, each with 4 small boxes inside it and included:

  • prawn cocktail salad
  • ribs
  • chicken lollipops
  • spanakopita
  • falafel balls
  • meat balls
  • beef strips
  • sandwiches with cold meat
  • fruit salad skewers
  • cucumber wrapped in cream cheese and salmon

Excuse my amateur pictures, but here they are.

If you’re having a function soon, please give Howie a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



Erin birthday 268 Erin birthday 311 Erin birthday 312 Erin birthday 314


Our Germany adventure 1 of 3

Last month Damien and I went to Germany.  The main purpose of our trip was to go to Interzoo – The world’s largest pet products expo, and then we fit in a little holiday before.

What a blessed experience – I would definitely recommend Germany to anyone.

Our first stop was Rudesheim an Rhein.

We flew South African Airways, directly to Frankfurt.  The flight was very pleasant and the SAA staff exceptionally helpful and friendly.  To get through customs took ages, over an hour and the airport was a bit disjointed.  You would get off plane and meet up with arrival and departures travelers.  Then through customs, walk through a “shopping Centre” and get your bags, very weird.  We trained to Rudesheim an Rhein, via Wiesbaden, passing beautiful green scenes and loads of industry too.  Saw many cars that had been assembled in Frankfurt, ready for shipping.

I just loved seeing all the pastries – Germany has pastries everywhere and I’m a sucker for a good pastry.

Rudesheim is on the banks of the Rhein river.  It’s a beautiful old town with old architecture.  It’s part of the wine region of Germany.  We had wine at a “wine stand” every afternoon, divine!  The streets are cobble stones and very narrow.  We went on a boat cruise to explore a small piece of the Rhein and stopped at an ancient castle, once owned by a princess, now owned and run as a family business. The hotel we stayed in was Hotel Rose, very old, but refurbished.  The room was very comfortable and the breakfast was amazing.  Hotel staff were friendly, but I don’t find German people to be a friendly nation, I realized on this trip that we live in an exceptionally friendly country.

I’d suggest Rhudesheim for people looking to:

  • relax
  • have beautiful scenery
  • enjoy wine
  • see some of the history of the Rhein

Don’t go here is you:

  • like the hustle and bustle
  • like to shop till you drop
  • want a cheap town, Rhudesheim is very expensive

Some pictures of our adventure…..

Germany May 2016 149 Germany May 2016 159 Germany May 2016 170 Germany May 2016 172 Germany May 2016 187 Germany May 2016 188 Germany May 2016 190 Germany May 2016 193 Germany May 2016 197 Germany May 2016 198 Germany May 2016 214 Germany May 2016 216 Germany May 2016 218 Germany May 2016 219 Germany May 2016 220 Germany May 2016 221 Germany May 2016 222


School holiday time – cool event for bored kids :-)

Sandton - Event Poster

It’s that time of the year where even though we love holidays, finding activities to keep the kids busy can be a daunting task. Luckily Hasbro has you covered! The Fun Zone is giving your kids the chance to play with some of the latest and greatest Nerf, My Little Pony, and Play-Doh toys.

There will be three branded stations that your kids can experience, and the best thing is that it is all for FREE and there are exciting prizes to be won!

At the Nerf station, there will be a Nerf firing range, where kids can blast away and potentially win some great prizes, a demo table where kids can learn about the new Modulus Blaster range, and finally, an iPad station with online games, and the chance to sign up for future events and giveaways.

The My Little Pony station features a community activity table, with activities like friendship bracelet making, colouring in, a toy play area, and a hair salon where we will ‘ponify’ your little one’s hair. There will also be character cut-outs available for photo opportunities.

The Play-Doh station is where your kids’ imagination can run wild. There will be creativity workshops that feature the latest Play-Doh food playsets, and all kids will receive little chef hats and will be able pose for photos with their creations.

Other dates and cities to diarise:

Durban, Gateway, Expo Explore Court, 6 – 10 July

Cape Town, V&A Waterfront, H&M Court, 13 – 17 July


@Huggies_SA introduces Disney Frozen Huggies® Wipes


When Erin saw this – she LOVED it! Great idea @Huggies_SA

This winter Huggies® is introducing a special edition of Disney Frozen Huggies® Wipes that moms, babies, tots and kids will love. The same quality wipe as you have come to love and expect from Huggies® just with the addition of popular Disney characters.

Frozen is the biggest Disney Feature Animation film of all time and has brought in R29 million at the local South African box office. In most households Frozen has been watched over and over again and you will often find Elsa, Anna and Olaf, figurines and toys lying around.

Huggies® has an exclusive association with Disney and all the nappies within the Huggies® stable are decorated with Winnie the Pooh & Friends (New Baby and Dry Comfort Range) and Minnie and Mickey Mouse (Gold and Nappy Pants ranges). “Knowing how much families enjoy the exciting tale of these two sisters we decided to introduce the limited edition Disney Frozen Huggies® Wipes to the market, just in time for winter. Our current range of Wipes has been in the market for close to two years and are well established. This allows us the opportunity to introduce these special edition wipes to delight moms and babies,” says Morné van Emmenes, Brand Manager at Huggies®.

Huggies® Wipes are made differently offering moms a great cleaning solution. Unlike other wipes on the market, Huggies® Baby Wipes are made from three layers of a unique material that contains 65% natural fibres. They clean gently, locking away the mess and quickly refreshing baby’s skin. “Our Huggies® Wipes are made with a cotton-like base sheet, 99% water and a formulation with no added nasties like alcohol or parabens,” says van Emmenes.

The Disney Frozen Huggies® Wipes (56 wipes per pack) are easy to spot in store with Elsa and Anna featured on the front of the pack. The special edition will be available while stocks last and has started filtering into retail outlets. If you and your little one are fans of Disney Frozen, join in the magic and be sure to look out for these in store next time you are shopping for wipes.



When did formula become so expensive – advice needed please

I’m sure many of you saw the frenzy and heated debates on social media this week regarding expensive formula.  If you didn’t, read about it here.  The summary is basically that formula theft is on the rise and that a grocery store was locking away their formula due to the high level of theft in South Africa.

This topic is something that just gets my blood BOILING and we can thank our government (and huge rich companies that make loads of profit on formula) for this, as there are strict government regulations regarding formula.  I get that the WHO has suggested countries put these regulations in place, but I find our government regulations a TAD (read the sarcasm) extreme.   Surely we can’t have the same regulations as many other first world countries? We have one of the highest unemployment rates (8th in the WORLD at 25%) and one of the highest abandonment rates of babies in the WORLD.

I get why the WHO wants to promote breastfeeding (or I sort of get it, as formula fed babies still make it to adulthood), but have they considered:

  • the mum who has to go back to work after a month of maternity leave
  • the mum who has mastitis due to a trauma in her life and milk isn’t coming out of her breasts, but blood is
  • the mum who has had a premature baby and cannot breastfeed
  • the mum who has a 2kg baby vomiting and having blood in his/her stool as he/she is allergic to his/her mum’s milk
  • the baby who was abandoned and in a children’s home, who cannot be breastfed
  • the mum who has 1, 2, 3 or more other children and just cannot exclusively breastfeed as she doesn’t have enough hands
  • the mum who cannot afford a breast pump and store it in the fridge – she may not even have a fridge in her home for crying out loud
  • the baby that is in NICU and needs a specialized formula as he/she is very sick

I’ve worked with numerous children’s homes in Gauteng for years and one of the most commonly requested things on the wish list is “formula and nappies”, as these are just too expensive for most of these homes to afford.

Does anyone see the problem here.  We are making our formula too expensive for the lower income earners and it’s leading to them stealing, otherwise their BABY WILL DIE.  Can anyone with half a brain see this is a HUGE CRISIS? I’m so torn between fighting this and just letting it go and taking the easy route.  My heart has been thinking about this for YEARS, but surely if mums can stand together we can make this more affordable for those in desperate need in this country.  Or should I just be like Elsa and “let it go”……….

More about Gauteng’s abandonment rates here.