Our Germany adventure 1 of 3

Last month Damien and I went to Germany.  The main purpose of our trip was to go to Interzoo – The world’s largest pet products expo, and then we fit in a little holiday before.

What a blessed experience – I would definitely recommend Germany to anyone.

Our first stop was Rudesheim an Rhein.

We flew South African Airways, directly to Frankfurt.  The flight was very pleasant and the SAA staff exceptionally helpful and friendly.  To get through customs took ages, over an hour and the airport was a bit disjointed.  You would get off plane and meet up with arrival and departures travelers.  Then through customs, walk through a “shopping Centre” and get your bags, very weird.  We trained to Rudesheim an Rhein, via Wiesbaden, passing beautiful green scenes and loads of industry too.  Saw many cars that had been assembled in Frankfurt, ready for shipping.

I just loved seeing all the pastries – Germany has pastries everywhere and I’m a sucker for a good pastry.

Rudesheim is on the banks of the Rhein river.  It’s a beautiful old town with old architecture.  It’s part of the wine region of Germany.  We had wine at a “wine stand” every afternoon, divine!  The streets are cobble stones and very narrow.  We went on a boat cruise to explore a small piece of the Rhein and stopped at an ancient castle, once owned by a princess, now owned and run as a family business. The hotel we stayed in was Hotel Rose, very old, but refurbished.  The room was very comfortable and the breakfast was amazing.  Hotel staff were friendly, but I don’t find German people to be a friendly nation, I realized on this trip that we live in an exceptionally friendly country.

I’d suggest Rhudesheim for people looking to:

  • relax
  • have beautiful scenery
  • enjoy wine
  • see some of the history of the Rhein

Don’t go here is you:

  • like the hustle and bustle
  • like to shop till you drop
  • want a cheap town, Rhudesheim is very expensive

Some pictures of our adventure…..

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