These are a few of my favourite charities

I LOVE charity, I breath, sleep, dream, plan, visualize a better South Africa through something called charity.  Obviously charity takes many different forms and no matter how big or small your charity is, it means for a part of your day, you thought of something or someone other than yourself – which is something we can all start doing a little more of.

Here’s a list of my favourite charities and what it is they do:

  1. Baby Box Project – very similar to our maternity pack project.  Baby Box Project is run by my dear friend, Lena Clark, who built her model on a similar model as Santa shoebox.  She hands out boxes all year round, mainly to Rahima Moosa hospital in Coronation. See more about what they do here.
  2. Dignity Dreams – they help solve the sanitary pad crisis in South Africa, by manufacturing re-usable sanitary pads. These pads are SABS approved and also create employment, which I am very passionate about.  See their website here.
  3. Red Frogs – support network that helps students at matric holiday not ruin their lives by making a simple mistake.  They make sure that the students aren’t drinking and driving, they help them to stay hydrated etc.  They are also present (with medical staff) at festivals such as Oppi Koppi. See more here.
  4. Cherished – support group to women in the sex trade. These ladies do absolutely amazing work and help ladies that want to get out of the sex trade, get out.  If you’d like to learn more, see here.
  5. Wheel well – since I started doing charity work in 2013 I LOVED what wheel well (and Peggie Mars) did and what they stood for.  They collect 2nd hand car seats, restore them and donate them to less fortunate people.  Here is their website.

Word of inspiration

Iif you feel you have an idea that could make a difference in South Africa, no matter how big or small, take the plunge and do it – you CAN make a difference.  Make EVER day Nelson Mandela Day.