Things I love

These are a few of my favourite things:

They’re comfortable, affordable. Erin and I have them in almost every colour. I even bought my mum and nanny a pair and they LOVE them too!


I have tried all nail polish on the market – as I’m obsessed with beautiful nails. Sally Hansen (with top coat) is the only one that lasts from Sunday – Sunday. My Favourite colour is this one, but I’ve tried many other beautiful colours too.


I must buy at least ten of these a week for Erin. She doesn’t like fruit and vegetables on their own, but at least with Squish she gets some goodness in daily. They convenient for travelling, in the car etc. Just holding thumbs that one day they’ll be able to donate to The Grace Factory.

They have a whole range but I use the one for oily roots and dry tips and it changed my bad hair days into great hair days! The Kerastase range is expensive but so worth it, as you don’t need to wash your hair as often and use very little of it.


  • DARK chocolate

When we went to Cape Town I was introduced to De Villiers artisan chocolate at the spice route and I absolutely fell in love with dark chocolate. I just wish I knew where in Jozi to buy this amazing chocolate, as my stash I bought in CT didn’t last long.


Since my acne has started I’ve been on a MISSION to find better concealer than what I have been using (won’t mention what I used for the last SEVEN years). I found Oxygenetix and use the acne formula, which I LOVE and works so well!!!!!



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