Pediasure Complete


A few months ago I attended the Pediasure breakfast at Melrose Arch and learnt so much about this wonderful product.  Ever since, I have been using it for Erin if she’s slightly under the weather or when she’s not keen to eat, I absolutely love this product. You can add Pediasure to almost every liquid, or you can have it on its own.




Signs your child might need supplementationinclude:

  • Poor weight gain
  • Avoiding foods of a certain texture or consistency
  • Refusing to eat an entire food group
  • Disrupting meals with their behaviour
  • Wanting to eat, but appearing unable to do so

Abbott Nutrition Disclaimer:

Abbott Nutrition complies with the requirements of R991 of 6 December 2012; Regulations relating to Foodstuffs for Infants and Young Children;

PediaSure® Complete is marketed for children age 3 – 10 years.  Pediasure® Complete does not fall within the scope of R991


School holiday time – cool event for bored kids :-)

Sandton - Event Poster

It’s that time of the year where even though we love holidays, finding activities to keep the kids busy can be a daunting task. Luckily Hasbro has you covered! The Fun Zone is giving your kids the chance to play with some of the latest and greatest Nerf, My Little Pony, and Play-Doh toys.

There will be three branded stations that your kids can experience, and the best thing is that it is all for FREE and there are exciting prizes to be won!

At the Nerf station, there will be a Nerf firing range, where kids can blast away and potentially win some great prizes, a demo table where kids can learn about the new Modulus Blaster range, and finally, an iPad station with online games, and the chance to sign up for future events and giveaways.

The My Little Pony station features a community activity table, with activities like friendship bracelet making, colouring in, a toy play area, and a hair salon where we will ‘ponify’ your little one’s hair. There will also be character cut-outs available for photo opportunities.

The Play-Doh station is where your kids’ imagination can run wild. There will be creativity workshops that feature the latest Play-Doh food playsets, and all kids will receive little chef hats and will be able pose for photos with their creations.

Other dates and cities to diarise:

Durban, Gateway, Expo Explore Court, 6 – 10 July

Cape Town, V&A Waterfront, H&M Court, 13 – 17 July


Cherubs wipes new packaging


Wet wipes is something my house is NEVER short of. Since Erin was born almost 4 years ago wet wipes have been a stock standard on my grocery list. I love what Cherubs have done with their new packaging, innovative idea! The quality is great and at a very reasonable price.

The Cherubs Wipes Triple Pack now has a new convenient carry strap that has an elegant and user friendly design. The original plastic bag has been removed to reduce strain on the environment.


The world of parenting can be both overwhelming and magical. For the many moms who are trying to ‘do it all’ and still switch gears seamlessly, life is a constant juggle and quest to create more time or find more hands.

That’s why Cherubs is offering moms ultimate convenience with the Cherubs Triple Pack of wipes! 3 x packs of 72 wipes retail for only R49.99.




Naartjie’s Autumn range

Last week I bought Erin and her friends some clothes from Naartjie’s online end of season sale. I managed to get 8 items for just under R700, delivery included.  I mainly bought leggings and long sleeve tops for the cooler mornings.  But yesterday when I woke up, it felt like Autumn (maybe Winter) had arrived over night….

Luckily Naartjie are launching their Autumn (Fall 1) range online and in stores on Thursday, 5th March 2015! I really love this new range and cannot wait to buy some of these gorgeous items! Just wish they had some in my size. Happy shopping!!

untitled untitled 7 untitled 6 untitled 5 untitled 4 untitled 3 untitled 2



Smile Cafe

I’m always looking for new and interesting places for Erin to play (as are most other parents). Eating out once you have a child can be so difficult, as one parent spends most of their time running after their little one.

We absolutely love Pappachinos in Morningside, but just find the fact that the children are not restricted (i.e. they can run all over the place) VERY distracting. Sam has told me about Smile quite a few times and a few weeks ago we tried it for the first time and LOVED it. Last weekend we went with my in-laws for an early supper and also had a great time.

K and R visit 078 K and R visit 084 K and R visit 095 K and R visit 096 K and R visit 100 K and R visit 103DSC06334DSC06339DSC06344

The play area is restricted and children wear a bangle with your table number on it. Once your child wants to leave the play area, the child minder brings your child to your table.  Food is nice (not amazing) pizzas, pasta, burgers etc.

If you haven’t been, I really would recommend Smile café, your kids will LOVE it and so will you! But remember to book as they get very busy.

* This is not a sponsored post, but merely my own opinion.


Naartjie’s new summer range

Naartjie launched their summer range last week and their clothes are more beautiful than ever. Here’s a look at their top six favorite outfits this summer. The number 89 on some items is representative of the year in which Naartjie was created!


2 3

4 6


An added bonus is that in celebration of their 25th birthday, Naartjie is giving every single customer registered on their website a little something to say thank you for their loyalty, support and love for their brand over the past 25 years. Each registered customer will receive a R250 voucher via email, that can be used when spending R1, 000 or more in store or online. Vouchers are valid from 5 November until 2 December 2014.


Diaries of a 2 year old jetsetter

Last week Erin Grace went to Umhlangha for a WEEK with her Granny and Oupie! Boy oh boy, did she have a wonderful time, even though the weather was rather bad.

She went to Ushaka and loved the fishies, dolphins and penguins. She got to see her other grandparents, Oupie and Pops. She got to see aunt Tashy (who bought her a TRUCK load of gifts), aunt Lans and uncle Charl. She saw my mums SCHOOL friend, Anita and met her granddaughter, Julia. She ate chips, chips and more chips (loves chips). Built castles in the sand, swam in the pool with her wings on for the first time. Almost fully potty trained within a week! Loved the birds, ducks, tikkies (cats) and stream of water. She walked and rode her pink tjotter bike.

I joined them the last two days and I could hardly believe her development, talking in full sentences now.

DSC06003 DSC06005 DSC06011 DSC06014 DSC06015 DSC06017 DSC06024 DSC06026 DSC06048 DSC06056 DSC06060 image 4 image 5 image 6 image 7 image  image1 image2

My girl, I am so glad you had a lovely time at the resort where Matthew and I used to go when we were children, Cabana Beach! Love you!